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The 11th Global Compact China-Japan-Korea (CJK) Roundtable Conference

2019-12-27 11:17

The 11th Global Compact China-Japan-Korea (CJK) Roundtable Conference in 2019

On August 20-22, 2019, the 11th China-Japan-Korea (CJK) Roundtable Conference was held in Jǐnán, China. Co-hosted by the UN Global Compact (UNGC) Local Networks from South Korea, China, and Japan, the CJK Roundtable is a joint platform that aims to promote collaboration among the three countries through interaction and dialogue. Since 2009, the CJK Roundtable has been an annual event to not only strengthen the joint cooperation and collaboration among the UNGC Local Networks, but also promote Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) with the business members, academia, and youth participants. Under the theme of “SDGs for Business – Try First to Be a Pioneer”, over 150 entrepreneurs and academic experts were in attendance to discuss in-depth the three countries’ cooperation measures and their role of implementing the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

On August 21st, the Sessions began with sharing the current SDGs implementation process with specific case studies by business experts and student representatives of the three countries. Mr. Zhu Hongren, President of the Global Compact Network China, shared his welcoming remarks, emphasizing the importance of raising the UNGC 10 Principles, sharing the SDGs implementation progress, and solidifying the partnership between the South Korea, China, and Japan. 

For the congratulatory remarks, Mr. Dong-kurn Lee, President of the Global Compact Network expressed his gratitude with the annual progress and outcome of this Roundtable and urged all stakeholders to participate in the global action towards achieving the SDGs.

Mr. Akio Nomura, Senior Board Member of the Global Compact Network Japan, stated the importance of seeking forward to the future and this Roundtable will be an opportunity to create a better future together.

Ms. Qiao Wen, Director of the Trilateral Cooperation Secretariat, delivered her opening remarks, underlining the relevance of the trilateral cooperation and encouraging the private sector’s active engagement towards the SDGs achievement. She also stated to build greater partnership between TCS and the Global Compact Local Network, providing platforms for the stakeholders and better cooperation.

Ms. Liu Meng, Head of the UNGC Asia Pacific Networks, shared her excitement with the next CJK Roundtable in Japan, and urged to remember the spirit of “Action Speak Louder than Words” and collectively create action for change.

The UNGC Local Network Session took place next with the three UNGC Network Representatives sharing the current status and prospects of their country’s SDGs implementation. Mr. Johnny Kwan, Director of the UNGC Network China, mentioned China’s commitment to the SDGs, as well as China’s continuous improvement in the SDGs ranking in the “SDGs Index & Dashboards,” an index co-developed by the Bertelsmann Foundation and the Sustainable Development Solutions Network (SDSN). He also shared China’s current efforts to raise public awareness by establishing a National Action Plan and evaluating the implementation of the SDGs under its strong government leadership.

Mr. Tsuneo Oba, Executive Director of the UNGC Network Japan, stated that the UNGC Local Networks’ events have drawn major attention and participation from various companies and organizations, and shared the positive outcomes with the publication of ‘SDG Survey 2018.’ He also revealed his high expectation with the upcoming CJK Roundtable that will be held in Japan next year.

Mr. Suk-Bum Park, Secretary-General of the UNGC Network Korea, introduced various events that Network Korea has hosted, such as the ‘CEO SDGs Declaration’, ‘10th Asia Leadership Conference’, ‘CSR Academy’, ‘2019 UNGC Korea Leaders Summit’, etc. and highlighted the significance of active participation of the stakeholders.

After the Local Network Session, the Business Session took place. In this session, three corporation and companies from each country gave presentations on three specific topics. The presenters from Amore Pacific, Kirin Holdings Company, and Beijing Fanglue Bohua Culture & Media presented on the topic ‘The Role of Corporations in Implementing Regional SDGs.’ The second group of presenters was consisted of SK Telecom Co., Ltd., COMPANY INC, and BROAD GROUP, which presented on the topic ‘Corporate Innovation Plan for SDGs Impelmentation’. The last group to present were Yuhan Kimberely, Ltd., Fujitsu Limited, and Yili Group, presenting on the topic ‘Discovering Climate Change Solutions and Achieving Regional Development.’

Lastly, the Youth session was held with the Korean, Chinese, and Japanese youth delegation divided into three teams, A, B, and C. Each team discussed and presented on the role of businesses in protecting biodiversity. The three teams each presented its findings after two months of on- and offline regular meetings on the three Biodiversity-related topics: 1) corporate activities to raise awareness for biodiversity, 2) corporate efforts in the production process to protect biodiversity, and 3) the role of companies in protecting biodiversity.

On the last day of the Conference, the Student Delegation visited the Demonstration Park of Innovation and Collaboration of Global Supply Chain (DPICGSC), which is an incubator that promotes the construction for innovative Chinese export goods. Through this visit, the students were able to witness and learn about the process of making traditional Chinese products and walked through various exhibits.

Overall, the CJK Roundtable was an opportunity not only to raise the awareness of sustainability issues but also to provide a venue for fruitful exchanges among the three countries to find methods and strategies to implement the UNGC 10 Principles and for the private sector to participate in the SDGs. The upcoming 12th CJK Roundtable will be held next year in Japan.

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