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2019 Annual General Meeting of Global Compact Network Korea (3/26)

2019-08-30 18:14

The 2019 Annual General Meeting of Global Compact Network Korea (GCNK) was held at the Lotte Hotel on Tuesday, March 26 with more than 140 representatives of UNGC participants attending. This year, along with the resolution of annual agenda, a special lecture of Honorary President of the GCNK, H.E. Ban Ki-moon, CEO pledge ceremony in support of the SDGs, and launching ceremony of “Best Korean Companies Implementing SDGs” were also carried out.

"Last year, GCNK was able to make meaningful progress in improving corporate sustainability on various fields thanks to the dear support of the UNGC participants,” said President of the GCNK Dong-Kurn Lee at the opening address. “In particular, we have successfully completed the consultation with the UN Global Compact Office for introducing the new fee policy, and we are pleased to launch new programs such as Working Group and CSR Academy to provide more benefits to our participants.”

The annual general meeting this year commenced with the adoption of core agenda in 2019 and amendment of the Board of directors. Also, the representatives gave audience to and approved 2018 annual reporting on projects, accounts and audit; 2019 plans on business operation, budget, mid- and long-term projects; and introduction of the new annual fee policy.

The board welcomed new directors promoted to the GCNK’s board; Kim Tae-oh, Chairman of DGB Financial Group, and Kim Joon-dong, Vice Chairman of the Korea Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Also, Park Kyung-seo, President of the Korean Red Cross Society, Kwon Tae-shin, Vice Chairman of the Federation of Korean Industries, Choi Shin-won, Chairman of SK Networks, Kwon Chun-taek, Advisor of Bubang, Son Hee-gul, Vice- Special Advisor of CISM, and Park Suk-bum Secretary-General of the GCNK were reappointed to the board.

The Global Compact Network Korea established the business plan for 2019 as in the scope of following: Expansion of promotion and value proposition aligned with the new annual fee policy; Increase in the CSR and sustainability-related training and networking opportunities for the GCNK’s representatives through the CSR Academy; Introduction of Working Groups on the issue of human rights, anti-corruption and SDGs; UNGC Roadshows for local companies, public corporations, and public institutions in each metropolitan cities; Improvement and specialization by analyzing domestic and global trends and providing tools and guidelines in the topics of human rights, labor, environment, anti-corruption, SDGs, SRI, and sustainability; Enhancement in cooperation with other relevant authorities namely the National Assembly, government, media and press, and other international organizations.

Following the plenary session, H.E. Ban Ki-moon, the eighth UN Secretary-General and the Honorary President of the Global Compact Network Korea, delivered a special lecture. "I am very proud to have expanded and systemized the UN Global Compact during my term as the UN Secretary General so that business can be carried out sustainably and responsibly. Please be proud of yourself as a participant of the UNGC. Furthermore, it is time for Korean companies to demonstrate their leadership in the various challenges the world encounters these days. By 2030, we now only have 4,200 more days left; we do not have Plan B or Planet B. I would like to encourage all of corporate citizens to concentrate on building prosperity and peace all over the world with the UNGC".

This day, on the following ceremony, a total of 30 CEOs pledged to implement SDGs in their corporate management strategies and operation. The list of 30 corporates who, in 2019, declared their support for the SDGs includes: National Pension Service, Doosan Heavy Industries& Construction, Lotte, Lotte Homeshoping, Amorepacific, Korea Deposit Insurance Corporation, Yuhan Kimberly, Samduk Tongsang, Seoul Metropolitan Government, Seongnam Urban Development Corporation, Korea Airports Corporation, Korea Metrological Institution, KOMIPO, Korea Hydro and Nuclear Power Corporation, K- Water, Korea Forestry Promotion Institute, Korea Land & Housing Corporation, KEPCO KDN, Korea Marine Environment Management Corporation, BGF, BGF Retail, CJ Logistics, DGB Financial Group, GS Caltex, KEB Hana Bank, KOTRA, KT, LG Electronics, MYSC, NH Investment & Securities, 15 of which attended the ceremony.

Lastly, the launching ceremony for the '2019 Best Korean Companies Implementing SDGs’ was held, which was published for the third time following the previous publication in 2016 and 2017. This year, 23 corporates and organizations in Korea shared their operational strategies on sustainable management, best practices, and global initiatives in which each of them take part. CJ Logistics, CJ CheilJedang, DGB Financial Group, KEB Hana Bank, KOTRA, KT, LG Electronics, LG Chemical, NH Investment & Securities, SK Innovation, POSCO, National Pension Service, Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction, Seoul Metropolitan Government, Amorepacific, Korea Deposit Insurance Corporation, Yuhan Kimberly, Korea Airports Corporation, Korea Land & Geospatial Informatics Corporation, Korea Forestry Promotion Institute, Korea Hydro and Nuclear Power Corporation, K-Water, Korea Land & Housing Corporation participated, 18 of which were present in this ceremony.

This Annual General Meeting was an opportunity to share important event and budget plans as well as mid- to long-term blueprints in 2019 to help the GCNK participants grasp ideas and raise awareness on the issues. We would like to express our gratitude to all the representatives who participated in this annual meeting.

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